History of the brand

The history of a sparkling little compagny !

The Mathieu family have been working  out in their champagne vigneyards over 4 generations.

In the heart of the famous cuesta of chardonnay,  Grauves village has had a very long past in the world of vineyards.

Michel Mathieu has been deep in this wine making process and vine growing background since he was a child ; his own father, Odil Mathieu, was himself a vinegrower and part of the managing  company in a big winery.

His father and his grandfather and great  grand father named «Fulgence» born in 1842 was already  a chief vine grower on the same estate.

After their mariage Françoise and Michel  carried on the business  expanding and nursing their estate.

Then Michel Mathieu set out his own business making his wine under his own brand and Françoise specialized in selling it.

Mathieu Princet  was founded (Princet being Françoise’s maiden name). 40 years have been necessary to constitute the property as it is , vines were bought in the sixties in Bisseuil (vintage) then in Verneuil in the marne valley chardonnay and pinot noir are the two vine stocks.

The present cellars were built in the eighties, the bottling process has been modernized and enlarged as well, it is still traditionnal special wooden « pupitres » for the remuage are still used  before the « degorgement » process.

Mathieu Princet  was made a company in 1992, increased  its production in spite of several crisis, a terrible fire in 1985,  1992-1993 an economic slump ;  before it improved until the year « 2000 » and its celebration ! with nearly 80 000 bottles sold now it is over 22 acres for an average production of 85000 bottles a year…